8 05, 2020

AAOS Releases Document for ‘Navigating’ COVID-19

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In April, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons released an informational document, “Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic” in order to address complexities surrounding the infectious disease, medical decisions, telehealth, and elective surgery in this challenging time.¹ In the opening paragraph, the document states, “It is important that individuals continue to follow Centers for Disease Control and

10 04, 2020

Continuing a Tradition of Adaptability at Consensus

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Ever since Consensus started operating in 1992, the entire company has prided itself on its ability to adapt to the ever-changing world of medicine. We pride ourselves on being a team that is always looking forward and focusing on new ways to improve patient lives and advance the world of medical devices. TracPatch is the