Ever since Consensus started operating in 1992, the entire company has prided itself on its ability to adapt to the ever-changing world of medicine. We pride ourselves on being a team that is always looking forward and focusing on new ways to improve patient lives and advance the world of medical devices. TracPatch is the result of a realization that remote patient monitoring will improve post-operative care for both patients and doctors. Today, the entire world is faced with a global pandemic. With the coronavirus sickening more than a million people globally, the medical community is facing unprecedented challenges.

Consensus is taking action to adapt to today’s tragic circumstances by making drastic changes within our Medical Manufacturing Services division. We are actively manufacturing face shields for use in hospitals across the United States. This equipment will go a long way in keeping the brave doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff safe as they work tirelessly to fight this pandemic and save lives.

Regarding these changes, Consensus President Curt Wiedenhoefer said, “Challenging times like these make me appreciate how dynamic we are as an organization. We had a discussion about what we could do as a company to make a difference and then we took action. I’m very proud to be part of a team that wants to make a difference.”

A worldwide challenge requires a worldwide response. Millions of people are sacrificing the way they live to limit the spread of the virus. Here at Consensus, we’re happy to be doing our part in providing those on the frontlines against this pandemic with what they need to treat patients and mitigate the effects of this virus. In addition to the manufacturing of face shields, the Consensus team would like to express its immense gratitude and appreciation to all of the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff for their work in helping the world through this difficult time.

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